The scientific foundation of TWYDIL® formulations

TWYDIL® products including racehorse supplements undergo a series of scientific tests by internationally-renowned researchers. The results of these studies are published and frequently recognized in England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.


The criteria of TWYDIL® formulas

TWYDIL® formulas are based on the most recent scientific innovations and are highly sophisticated in terms of quantity, quality, nature and concentration of all ingredients used. The efficacy of TWYDIL® products is scientifically proven and they are specifically designed for every type of horse, discipline and purpose.


Scientific evidence of no contraindications or toxic elements

Before release, every TWYDIL® product and every new TWYDIL® ingredient is tested in over-dosage quantities on a significant number of horses under veterinary supervision.


Guarantee of content as indicated on the label

Before market entry, all TWYDIL® products are systematically checked through various independent control analyses to determine the level of compatibility between the content of the product and its label.


The declared concentration remains unchanged over time

TWYDIL® products are guaranteed that all contents are fully active and preserved until the date of expiration (under normal conditions of storage and use). Additionally, scientific tests have proved the remarkably high stability of TWYDIL® products even under extreme conditions of high temperature and moisture.


The evidence TWYDIL® products are well absorbed by horses

The outstanding bio-availability of TWYDIL® products has been shown in numerous scientific tests. It has been proven the bio-availability of TWYDIL® results in a significant increase in the quantity of micronutrients in the horses’ plasma.


Rigorous testing to prove the product’s effectiveness

Every new TWYDIL® product is only launched on the market after it has gone through rigorous testing and its efficacy is proven by an independent scientific trial (in conjunction, placebo groups are always used during trials). For the renowned TWYDIL® horse vitamins and minerals, you can turn to TWYDIL USA.


Unmatched anti-doping guarantees

Every batch of TWYDIL® products undergoes an overall screening at the LCH laboratories (the world’s leading anti-doping laboratory of the International Federation of Equestrian Sports/FEI) before release. Such a screening targets any of the thousands of prohibited substances that might unexpectedly appear in a horse’s urine or blood following the absorption of products.


The choice of top equestrians in over 70 countries

TWYDIL® has been working for over 50 years in cooperation with top professionals from all disciplines in more than 70 countries, from England to Dubai, from France to Japan, from Australia to Ireland. TWYDIL® has been selected by numerous national teams for all equestrian disciplines in preparation for the Olympic Games.


Criteria to guide you in the comparison of prices

When you are searching for quality equine performance supplements to help improve your horse’s performance, you can depend on TWYDIL® products. These products are remarkably low in price considering all contents are certified, bio-availability verified, effectiveness proven, preservation guaranteed, and the highest anti-doping protocol worldwide.  As a distributor of TWYDIL® products, you can place your order with us.

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